indonesian timber legality verification

Verify the legality of timber products – cheaper, faster and with more certainty than ever before

DoubleHelix is always searching for practical applications of its approach to timber supply chain management. That is why we are an accredited Certification Body, providing timber supply chain auditing services in Indonesia.


In Indonesia, DoubleHelix has established a dedicated team to audit against the CertiSource Legality Assessment Standard (CLAS) for Verified Legal Timber. CertiSource is a unique timber certification system that offers the following cost-effective benefits to our clients:

  • Increased market access
  • Fast and easy implementation
  • Recognised by Governments in Europe, Asia and the Pacific

The CertiSource system is affordable and flexible. It is the only batch-based verification system which means:

  • Pricing is offered per cubic metre of product
  • It is suitable for low or high volume orders
  • Legality is assured for each pallet of product

CertiSource is widely recognised with positive independent assessments by CPET in the UK and ProForest. Find out more about CertiSource by visiting Here you can find an up-to-date list of Indonesian concessions and sawmills certified to the CertiSource Standard by DoubleHelix.

DoubleHelix is accredited to  ISO/IEC GUIDE 65: 1996 General requirements for bodies operating product certification schemes (or EN45011 as it is known in its European version) by the Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand. Our registration number is Z4460410SS and you can check the status of our accreditation at the JAS-ANZ Register.


At DoubleHelix, our goal is to secure sustainability through innovative thinking and transparency through the application of new technology. The application of DNA testing within the CertiSource system has changed significantly as the technology has developed over the years. As change continues apace at DoubleHelix, we would like to take this opportunity to correct potential misconceptions that have arisen during the rapid growth and expansion of both DoubleHelix and CertiSource. Find out more about this here.