Verified products

Multi-ply walnut flooring


Black walnut (Juglans nigra)
Poplar (Populus tomentosa)

Origin of harvest

Black walnut: United States
Poplar: China

Brooks Bros (UK) Ltd is one of the first companies in the world to use Nature’s Barcode™ to verify that our multi-ply walnut flooring products are legally harvested and manufactured.

This provides assurance of species, traceability of wood back to known origin, and conformance with local laws at every stage of the supply chain.

Benefits of verification


Our verification system makes sure that the harvest, transport and manufacture of the product comply with local regulations, and the raw material that is used to manufacture these products all come from sources in United States and China at negligible risk of illegal logging.

This brings unparalleled assurance of legality and traceability for every piece of timber, as well as quality associated with consistent use of species and supply for all purchases.


Due diligence is a continuous process. Our verification system consists of a series of controls to consistently maintain product quality and legal compliance with local regulatory requirements.


Nature’s Barcode™ methodology

An independent party has conducted a comprehensive risk assessment on this product. This has included:

•  supply chain analysis to assess level of traceability back to a region at low risk of illegal harvest.
•  identification of any risk of species or origin substitution along the product supply chain.

We have then implemented the following controls to ensure that only American walnut and Chinese poplar from negligible risk sources are used to manufacture our products:

Document verification 

All walnut purchases are actively monitored. Any new log source is subjected to a risk assessment. This results in improved control over raw material sourcing, and any impact it may have on the supply chain risk profile and product quality.

Production records of the manufacturer are also monitored to ensure ongoing traceability of finished product to raw material input.


Each individual bundle of verified product is labelled. This label includes a unique product verification code. Documentary evidence has been compiled for all verified product shipments, and can be traced using this verification code.

Onsite inspections


An independent third party visits the factory at least twice a year to conduct onsite inspection, covers:

• Product "backtrack" to match product output with raw material (logs) input on a randomly selected sample of product bundles. The number of bundles randomly selected for verification is calculated based on ISO inspection guidelines.

• A review of raw material procurement and production processes, in order to monitor changes in practices that may impact supply chain risk.

• Random checks of manufacturer production records, and raw material delivery. This process tests the ability of the supply chain to provide, on demand, documentation specific to individual consignments.

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