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Torem (Manilkara kanosiensis)

Origin of harvest


Thank you for your interest in DNA Lumber® torem decking from Simmonds Lumber. We use independent third party verification to ensure that our torem decking consistently meets our clients’ expectations of species, legal trade, and origin.  

Benefits of verification


Our verification system makes sure that the harvest, transport and manufacture of the product comply with local regulations, and the logs that are used to manufacture our products come from a known, certified concession. This brings unparalleled assurance of quality, legality and traceability for every piece of timber.

we take our due diligence seriously.

Due diligence is a continuous process. Our verification system consists of a series of controls to consistently maintain product quality and compliance with local regulatory requirements.

Verification methodology

An independent third party has conducted a comprehensive risk assessment on this product. This has included:
•  supply chain analysis to assess the level of traceability back to forest of harvest
•  compliance of all entities in the supply chain with Indonesian legal requirements.
•  identification of any risk of species or origin substitution along the supply chain.

The following controls have been implemented to mitigate any risk identified:


Frequent, random document checks are performed on manufacturer log purchase, log transportation, log delivery, production records and product export records. This process verifies the legal purchase, transport and harvest of all log supply.


Each individual bundle of verified product is labelled. This label includes a unique product verification code. With this code, all verified supply chain information of the associated product can be made available on request.


We have our own timber graders with years of experience on site at sawmills to maintain our very high standards of quality and consistency of the products we supply.



An independent third party visits the factory at least once a quarter to conduct:

• Product "backtrack" to match product output with raw material (logs) input on a randomly selected sample of product bundles. The number of bundles randomly selected for verification is calculated based on ISO inspection guidelines.

• A log reconciliation audit to match log purchase, transport and factory receipt records. Barcodes physically attached to each log, issued by the Indonesian Forest Department, are sampled from logs in the log yard and verified. The number of logs selected is also based on ISO inspection guidelines.

• A review of log procurement and production processes, in order to monitor changes in practices that may impact supply chain risk.

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Through an independent third party verification system, we demonstrate industry-leading due diligence. For more information about Simmonds Lumber and our other DNA Lumber® products, visit our website.

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DNA Lumber® products have been verified using Nature’s Barcode™, an independent third party verification system.

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