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Solid moldings, solid laminate, FJ laminate 


Dark Red Meranti

Origin of harvest

PHPL-certified Forest Management Enterprise in East Kalimantan, Indonesia

Thank you for your interest in this product from Wood United. We are one of the first companies in the world to use Nature’s Barcode™ to verify that our products consistently meet the above specifications.


Benefits of verification


Substitution and associated document fraud is one of the most common ways that illegal timber is laundered into global supply chains.

By using Nature’s Barcode™ in conjunction with PHPL-certified material, we are taking steps to ensure that substitution does not happen in Wood United supply chains.

Nature’s Barcode™ methodology

An independent party has conducted a comprehensive risk assessment on this product. This has included:

•  supply chain analysis to assess level of traceability back to forest of harvest
•  identification of any risk of species or origin substitution along the product supply chain.

We have then implemented the following controls to ensure that only dark red meranti from the identified PHPL-certified concession in Indonesia is used to manufacture our products:

Document traceability checks

Random checks are performed on manufacturer production records, log purchase, log transportation, and log delivery.

This process tests the ability of the supply chain to provide, on demand, specific documentation relating to every shipment. 

Onsite inspections

Physical production back-tracks and log reconciliation of log transport and receipt records are done periodically via a factory visit. 

Wood anatomy (microscopic) analysis

Wood anatomy testing is done to ensure that the timber used in production falls within the correct trade group for dark red meranti.

Focused sampling of any material with undesirable characteristics will help determine correlations between quality, species and local growing conditions. 

As DNA verification tools become available these will be applied to verify the accuracy of log harvest and transportation records, and provide greater accuracy in determination of species and origin.

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