Are you trading on trust?

"Finding and engaging with vendors that are prepared to meet our rigorous quality and compliance requirements is increasingly challenging."
-Retailer with global supply chain


“As a builder I have to guarantee the quality of the products I install. Having no objective way to verify supplier claims poses a huge risk.”
- Timber builder



A risk-based product verification system,
customised to your product supply chain.


Shaping best practice due diligence

Want to be best in class? We help you identify what needs to be done, and the most effective way to do it. 



Increase brand trust & differentiate yourself

We want to help you communicate to your clients about these steps you're taking to ensure legal and quality supply of products. 


Protect supplier relationships

Having worked with many suppliers in various countries before, we are always respectful and conscious of local business cultures. 



Due diligence is an ongoing process.

That's why we verify your products on an ongoing basis.
We don't leave things to chance - and neither should you.


1. Risk assessment

To mitigate risk adequately and demonstrate due diligence, we must first assess and identify all the risks your product supply chain is exposed to.

A field visit to your manufacturer will be done to assess their production practices. All entities in the supply chain are mapped out and evaluated. 


2. System design

With a thorough understanding of how your supply chain works, an ongoing verification system is custom designed to mitigate the risks involved. 

Where necessary, the most suitable scientific methods will be selected and recommended based on our expertise. This provides a truly independent way of verifying product claims. 


3. Ongoing Verification 

DoubleHelix will work with your suppliers as partners to continuously mitigate risk, by implementing the system proposed. The frequency of verification is based on risk, product volume and ISO inspection guidelines. 

A regular review of the risk assessment and system design allows for adaptation and response to changing environments.


4. Communicate

This is where you'd get the most value out of our service - Nature's Barcode doesn't only work in the background, it also communicates to your clients your best efforts. 

With a customised product webpage just for you, and a QR code on your product labels, we bring the story to your customers.


Take charge of your due diligence

Want to find out more about Nature's Barcode™? Drop us a message and we'll be in touch within 48 hours.

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